Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO particularly in Australia, USA, Europe and other developed nations is the most effective and important strategy when it comes to marketing your business online. Over the last 20 years, business owners and managers alike have seen the transformation of the digital landscape to a point where having a website is compulsory. Gone are the days where you used websites to merely display products to customers who were digitally savvy. Today, websites are one of the main arsenals that companies use to market their products and services.

At Lead Drive SEO our clients are supported by a team of internet and marketing experts who are always researching and testing our strategies to ensure that we remain at the at the cutting edge of search engine algorithm changes. We invest a lot of time and money in updating our advanced techniques and are continuously striving for higher search engine rankings for your website.

SEO in Focus

We go the extra mile for our clients ensuring that our SEO techniques and strategies cover a broad spectrum of elements. These are just some of the steps in our process:

On-Page SEO:

• Website structure analysis, including coding, sitemaps, navigation, titles, tags, content and user experience.
• Research, analysis, targeting and tracking keywords that best represent your brand, products, and services.
• Optimizing and ranking website content, videos and images to maximise conversation rates and channeling visitors into your sales funnels.

Off-page SEO:

• Engaging with customers and via social media with specific targeting relating to their location, interests, age and other demographics resulting in increased online brand exposure.
• Building solid and safe internal and external linking structures to increase the trust of your website resulting in increased rankings.
• Creating and optimising videos showcasing your products and services enabling better website rankings, better user experiences and more customer engagement.
• Eliminating risk of search engine penalties by use of safe SEO techniques due to adherence to guidelines and rules.

The benefits of adopting our SEO strategies

Increased Web Traffic

The top positions on search engine result pages or page one receive the majority of the customer clicks, so ranking towards the top of results pages can significantly increase traffic to your website. SEO focuses on displaying informative and keyword-relevant information in a format that search engines love. Having a website with fresh, relevant content, optimised tags, descriptions, titles, clean coding and structure (just to name a few) helps feed the search engines with what they love and in turn, they will love you back by ranking your website accordingly. The benefit to you is that you receive an increase in website traffic and because your content is ranked according to relevance to the customer your web traffic has already been pre-qualified, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Cost effectiveness

SEO is a great cost-effective marketing strategy because it focuses on users who are actively searching for your products and services online. This targeted inbound marketing helps your business save money and delivers high yielding results over other outbound strategies such as cold-calling. Cold-calling still has its place as an effective strategy, however, research shows that leads generated by SEO cost 61% less. The key difference is that SEO delivers more qualified leads over many other marketing strategies meaning it is a great cost-saver for companies.

Return on Investment (ROI)

SEO provides quantifiable and trackable results, regardless of what type of website you have. Our SEO agency can track nearly every element of their strategy, such as ranking increases, internet traffic, and onsite conversions. Our analytics are extremely refined to a point where we can track each visitor’s movements, from the keyword they searched on to arrive at your website and every click or path that each visitor makes, including at what point they exit your website. This means that we can channel efforts into enhancing specific elements of your website that require improvement to keep visitors engaged on your site and improving sale outcomes resulting in greater ROI.

Brand Awareness

Rankings on the first page of search engine results enables your brand to be positioned right in front of people who are looking to buy products and services just like yours. Plus, buyers perceive that top ranking websites are more trustworthy and therefore clients are more willing to buy from you. So, having your website rank high in the search engines means the more opportunities that you will have for customers to see and become familiar with your brand, products, and services.

Why choose us?

The internet has been designed to provide users with instant information and with a lot of options displayed right in front of them. While this is great for the user, it is critical you grab their attention immediately, so being found on the search engine results is just step one and the second is engaging with your target audience. We will take the time to work out what your key sales propositions are, how they can best be promoted within your marketing budget and how to capture the attention of your audience.

At Lead Drive SEO, we believe that each Australian business is unique and each website is special, therefore we can’t offer a one size fits all approach. We offer bespoke SEO marketing services which are geared towards your unique business propositions, sales process, business goals and after-market service. In simple terms, whether marketing locally in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or any other Australian city, or indeed internationally, SEO is the best most cost-effective and profitable way to market your business, improve your brand and to showcase what you have to offer online.

With a team of internet marketing experts, a passion for delivering superb results, a drive to remain at the forefront of internet marketing, and unmatched focus on ROI, using our services gives you the edge over your competitors that you have been searching for. So if you want to dominate your marketplace, then we need to talk! Don’t let your competitors gain the upper-hand, call us today, we can help.