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Our Approach

Our approach is unique

We bring the best information together to inform effective and logical SEO strategies

At Lead Drive SEO we don’t use cookie-cutter marketing strategies or believe one method suits all business. As a leading web marketing agency in Brisbane, we get results for our clients because we take the time to really understand your business. Only when we truly understand what has historically happened with your business, what your future goals are, and what kind of success you are looking for can we truly customise an online marketing strategy that will deliver results which meet your expectations.

In the world of Google and other major search engines, the “user” is king, so their focus is on ensuring that each visitor is able to find what they are looking for in the fastest and easiest way possible. So, search engines have become very sophisticated in determining whether or not content on a website meets the search terms (keywords) and whether it is interesting and indeed relevant to the user.

To improve this experience search engines themselves use complex algorithms which determine how they catalogue your website to suit what the visitor needs. So, if your website isn’t optimised to deliver what the search engines want, then your website won’t be offered highest in the results that your prospective customers get to see. Algorithms are constantly changing and without SEO experts onboard, the SEO process can be very complicated and unfortunately catastrophic for your website if you get it wrong. Trusting your website and internet marketing with us is the best way to avoid potential hurdles and harm.

We find that the needs and goals our of customers are all very different, so we design a specific strategy for each client, but all our strategies are based on common SEO components and principles.

Our Process

We are transparent in our methodology; as such we’re happy to share it with you. Here is the approach that you can expect from us:

Initial Consultation

The heart of our strategy is to really listen to your business challenges and goals, determine your online success to date, understand the value proposition you offer to prospective clients or customers, along with how you position the services and products that you offer in order to create your business profile.
We will also show the potential income that you can earn when your website is promoted correctly and help you understand what your prospective clients or customers are searching for online.
You will soon see how our strategies allow you to dominate your online competitors.

Keyword Research

Using your business profile we evaluate what your prospective clients or customers are currently searching for online and research what keywords will work to effectively promote your products and services. The skill is in knowing which keywords provide the biggest marketing potential, as often trying to rank for the most common search terms is expensive and generally not a good return on investment. Instead, we find that in most niches big gains can be experienced by channelling efforts into more viable and profitable keywords that still have decent search volumes, yet lower competition. This provides the best marketing opportunity for your products and services and is one of the key elements that our experienced SEO firm provides.
Once we understand what keywords will work effectively for your products and services a targeted cost-effective campaign is designed which provides not only the right information to your visitors but leads them through your sales process.

The Proposal

A well-researched and targeted campaign is the difference between merely existing on the internet and dominating your online competition.
It is important when considering SEO and internet marketing that you get what you pay for. You will find endless amateur SEO firms claiming that they can deliver page one website rankings for a low price that is too good to be true. The truth is that you get what you pay for and often using these services only ends in frustration and disappointment. Instead, you should view your website as an asset. As with all assets, to be of value they require regular maintenance by experts who know how to maximise their potential and of course, you need to invest in an asset over the long-term for it to keep delivering value to your business.
Our proposals are based on analysis of information gathered and combined with cutting-edge online marketing strategies that actually work. We will show you revenue potential for dollars spent so your return on investment can be easily seen. The customised proposal created especially for your business can be as large or small as you want and are based on your marketing investment, desired growth and elements of internet marketing that you want access to.

There are key elements included in every proposal, where are:

• Website audit to analyse current performance and to highlight ranking opportunities including positioning of keywords and content quality.
• On-page SEO including upgrades to website structure including keyword labelling of images, links, pages, and downloadable files. There is also a focus on meta tags, keyword density, page speed, website content, optimising titles and more. These small but critical elements make a significant impact on search results and importantly show Google you are working within their guidelines.
• Off-page SEO enables promotion of your website through important high authority websites while carefully monitoring backlinks, including submission to local business directories and via social media properties.
• Reporting is also an important element as you will want to monitor the progress of each campaign. We show you the results in an easy to read format with no technical jargon.
• And much more…

Implementation of proposal elements

As with nearly all SEO companies, once the upfront payment is received based on agreed elements, our expert team will go to work promoting your business. Be assured, our team are some of the most talented SEO and marketing experts available and are fiercely competitive. So, once your project is in their hands, they will strive for number one rankings based on the scope provided.
You will come on the journey with us, have your own Project Manager assigned to you for regular communication, receive regular status updates and have monthly ranking reports emailed directly to you.
Outsourcing your SEO and internet marketing to us means that you are in safe hands.

The next steps

With your prospective clients now being able to find your business online, internet traffic is starting to flow to your website and you can refocus your efforts on what you do best – lead conversion, sales and customer service. We will be working hard for you in the background increasing your online presence and promoting your brand. That way you can maximise your new leads and seize all opportunities available to you as a result of dominating your competition online.

Would you like to speak with as to see how we can showcase your business online?

When you reach the top of search engines, people begin to view your business as a market leader and lead conversation becomes much easier. The correct positioning of your products and services using a powerful SEO and web marketing strategy is the key to ongoing success and with our experienced team on your side; business just started looking a whole lot better.