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Website Design

Updating existing and building new content to showcase your products and services

Today’s business owners know the importance of having an engaging website design to showcase their company’s services and products. But with 80% of people not looking beyond page one of search results, ranking websites at the top of search engines is in hot demand. Gone are the days of simply creating a basic website design on the internet for the occasional customer to stumble upon and adopting a ‘set and forget’ mentality.

The last decade or so has seen the power of search engines grow to such a level where they have now become the default place where people go to find information, hence the term “Google it” is so widely used. Search engines have developed sophisticated algorithms which are constantly learning what information people are searching for and they rank this content according to popularity and relevance to the search terms. Each search engine enforces their algorithms by having a robot crawl the background of your website searching for compliance with their criteria, which includes website architecture that they require to improve user experiences.

Therefore just having a website design that looks good is not enough; it needs to provide a positive user experience. The internet has become a very competitive marketplace, so to succeed company websites need to:

• feed search engines with good architecture that is easy for their robots to crawl;
• contain rich content that is engaging and relevant to the targeted audience;
• be in formats that are easily read on any mobile device or computer; and
• (most importantly) meet the search engine guidelines.

Latest trends in websites

Modern and innovative SEO and website design companies like ours in Brisbane have discovered that search engines are now developing algorithms that analyse how long your visitors are staying on your website and what activities they are doing on your site. So, if a visitor comes to your website and then leaves within 10 or 15 seconds, this can be detrimental to your rankings as it shows the search engines that the visitor did not like what they found.

This huge change in search engine algorithms is set to turn the way websites are designed and ranked on his head! Our SEO gurus were some of the first internet marketing experts to find this huge secret which is yet to be fully broadcast to the broader internet community. The way in which on-page SEO will be done into the future is changing fast, so to stay ahead of your competitors it is critical that your website design is formatted to keep visitors on your website for as long as possible. Website designs that master algorithm change will see their rankings climbing up in the search engine rankings and remain at the top over the long-term.

Feed the Search Engines with what they love

As you can see, having your website design developed correctly and using the right SEO techniques has never been so important. So you need a website design and marketing strategy that is cutting-edge and technically superior to your competitors. Our website design team is skilled in providing innovative solutions and are dedicated to extending your market reach while increasing your website performance. With our assistance, your website design will be feeding the search engines with what they love while providing greater user experiences, streamlined buying cycles and enhancing your website rankings along the way.

So, whether you are currently having trouble tracking your website’s return on investment (ROI) or are looking for a proven website design to start a new business, we have the right team of experts that you need for success. We are professional, friendly and know what works, so chat with us today and start realising your online potential.

Do you need better return on your investment or an increase in the conversation rate of your website?