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Paid Search

Adwords or Pay Per Click (PPC) Website Traffic

When it comes to online advertising (in this case we mean Google Adwords), there’s more to success than just building and maintaining a creative and informative website. After all, you can have the greatest website with the most dynamic content in cyberspace and still accomplish nothing if that site never gets seen. And yet, all too often, that is precisely the situation in which many companies find themselves. They devote so much effort to designing and launching the perfect website that they fail to realize how important it is to actually attract customers to it.

With more than 50% of Australia’s population using the internet on a daily basis, online advertising (either by showcasing your products and services via a Cost-per-click (CPC) campaign or via your company website) has become the most influential way to reach millions of people. However, with the internet having millions of web page listings, how are your future customers going to find you?

Targeted Online Advertising

CPC or popularly called Google Adwords if you are choosing to advertise on Google offers the most direct customer targeting available with great results if your campaign is managed correctly. Unlike print advertising, online advertising enables companies to select who views their adverts for products and services at what time. Fortunately, running different online advertising campaigns restricts your audience to only those people who are already seeking what you’re offering—so no wasted impressions.

We have highly experienced staff who will work closely with your business to set up an effective and cost-efficient CPC campaign to reach the clients that you want to target. Our experts are skilled in customising campaigns that enhance your website traffic, business sales, and grow your brand using:

  • Display or Banner Campaigns.
  • Search Campaigns.
  • Mobile Search Campaigns.
  • Remarketing Campaigns.
  • Google Online Shopping Campaigns.

Our Online Advertising Process

Unlike others that go by a ‘one size fits all’ business strategy, here at Lead Drive SEO we offer personalised attention to each of our clients which designed to reach your business goals and meet your expectations.

Take a look at our comprehensive 5-step CPC process:


We learn about our client’s website, business, targeted customers and their competitors so we can develop tailored campaigns that really meet your needs.


We prepare an all-encompassing CPC project plan and strategy that openly summarise deliverables and measurable business objectives.

Landing Page Creation & Campaign Setup

We execute landing page recommendations from Paid Search Strategy with the help of development or cooperation with our client.


We analyse and adapt your campaigns depending on the keywords’ performance, landing pages, and advertising copy, tweaking your campaign to maximise results – no set and forget strategies here.

Analysis & Reporting

We undertake regular reporting that embraces analysis of CPC campaign performance, your performance indicators and goal tracking.

Our experts know what works with CPC campaigns and never stop analysing and testing innovative techniques based on proven statistical data. Here are some of the benefits that our online advertising campaigns can provide to your business:

  • All campaigns have a dedicated Project Manager who is a CPC or Google Adwords specialist to drive your return on investment.
  • Our specialist team will determine the best keywords that will bring the biggest return on investment.
  • We can advise whether advertising extensions are the best fit for your needs.
  • We develop the online advertising copy with you ensuring that it clearly focuses on your selected keywords and is a powerful call to action, encouraging potential visitors to buy or engage.
  • We test results during the campaign which ensures that any strategy is working and is modified accordingly.
  • Our comprehensive reporting means that you will be able to track campaign performance, always know your expenditure to date and be able to compare results your competitions’ campaigns.

Why choose us?

Our professional services can enhance your existing cost per click campaign or drive the implementation of a new one. So, whether you’re just discovering how online advertising can strengthen your brand presence in the search engine or whether you are sick of seeing your campaign results being eroded over time, we have the right team and expertise that you need to get results. Talk to us today, we would love to help you!