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The creation and implementation of online marketing strategy is not as simple as some may think, but get it right and you will really see the benefits. At Lead Drive SEO we extensively research your business and your target market. We then blend tried and tested formulas to develop a robust and effective online strategy for you.

We are experienced in seamlessly combining website, social media, sale processes and engaging content into one killer strategy to drive business to your door. So if you are struggling with your online marketing strategy, if it’s not delivering the results you want or if you are just lost on which way is best for your business, then you need to contact us today! We would love to help you achieve your online business goals.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

High website ranking in search engines like Google requires a refined and effective formula that brings critical elements together in two forms: on-page and off-page. Without both of these pieces working seamlessly together it is unlikely that a website will appear in front of a potential customer. To maximise your online presence our highly-skilled staff use our an arsenal of tried and tested formula to create a customised SEO marketing strategies for our clients that really works.

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Website Design & Updates

Your website is your best online marketing tool. It is a business asset and needs your investment to maximise its marketing potential. A poorly designed and built website is likely to rank lower in search engine results, while frustrating potential clients who are researching your products, resulting in loss of valuable leads.

Good website design will increase your website rankings and will lead your visitors to the information they are looking for quickly. Our expert team build your website to be interactive, quick loading and will lead prospective clients through your sales processes.

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Social Media Marketing

At last count, Facebook had over 1.55 billion active monthly users and Twitter the next most popular social media platform with 307 million users. This is why social media marketing is on the lips of every business owner and is now a key element in marketing strategies, no matter how big an organisation is. Many businesses spend big dollars and throw a lot of resources at this critical marketing function, with little impact on sales. But don’t worry; whether it be just getting an online presence on Facebook or running a national social media campaign, we have expert staff that will maximise your return on investment.

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Local SEO & Marketing

Search engines have an absolute focus on bringing each person searching online the best user experience possible. This means that it is critical that your website is optimised for local searches and you have your business listed on local directories. Without the correct set-up and listings, your local customers can’t see you and are likely to bypass you and visit your competitors instead.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

With 85% of consumers researching a company online before they purchase, a negative review or ‘scam report’ could be the deciding factor when people purchase from you or choose your competitor. In addition, more than 75% of those consumers change their purchasing habitats before buying again if they find negative feedback online. Your online reputation is critical to your online success, don’t ignore this very important factor!

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Online Advertising (Google Adwords & Facebook Ads)

Cost-Per-Click (CPC) or Google Adwords is a simple marketing tool used to quickly increase the reach of your website. The elements of this technique can be easily measured, tweaked and re-targeted around how consumers interact with your content. When done right you maximise your advertising spend and reap huge rewards. PPC is one of the best ways to instantly put your product in front of people who are currently searching for your product and are ready to buy now!

SEO does not have to be expensive or complicated. We have a package to fit your budget. Do you need help with your SEO strategy or online marketing?